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Below is a list of all fishing comments by state added by your fellow fishing and outdoor enthusiasts. These comments are available for all fishermen and fisherwomen to help learn about the top fishing lakes, rivers, streams and reservoirs in your state. Please feel free to add your comments to help your local fly fishing, lake fishing & ice fishing enthusiasts.

Feature Name State Feature Type Comments Found
Post Lake Arizona Lake 18345
Big Bear Lake Arkansas Lake 1
Bienville Beach Alabama Beach 5
Halfmile Shoals Alabama Rapids 1
Southeast Shoal Alabama Bar 1
Bridgeport Beach Alabama Beach 2
Gholson Bar Alabama Bar 2
Herman Fritzler Erosion Control Number 1 Reservoir Colorado Reservoir 1
South Branch Rio San Antonio Colorado Channel 1
Camp Creek California Stream 2
Lake Henry Florida Lake 1
Magnolia Lake Florida Lake 1
Surveyor Pond Florida Lake 1
Turkey Ford Lake Florida Lake 1
Lake Thonotosassa Florida Lake 1
Twin Lakes Georgia Lake 1
Dismal Lake Idaho Lake 1
Beaver Pond Illinois Lake 1
Crosley State Fish and Wildlife Area Indiana Park 1
Q Pond Iowa Reservoir 1
East Lake Iowa Reservoir 1
Rathbun Lake Iowa Reservoir 1
Grade Lake Iowa Reservoir 1
West Okoboji Lake Iowa Lake 1
Big Candy Lake Kansas Lake 1
Statlers Run Kentucky Stream 1
Wild Azalea Trail Kincaid Spur Louisiana Trail 1
Western Branch Patuxent River Maryland Stream 1
Cedar Island Lake Michigan Lake 1
Corey Marsh Michigan Swamp 1
Fumee Lake Michigan Lake 1
Little Fumee Lake Michigan Lake 1
Monocle Lake Michigan Lake 1
Sanford Lake Michigan Reservoir 1
Ball Bluff Park Minnesota Park 1
Cedar Island Lake Minnesota Lake 1
Felton Creek Minnesota Stream 1
Grand Lake Minnesota Lake 1
Grey Cloud Channel Minnesota Channel 2
Heron Lake Outlet Minnesota Stream 1
North Fork Watab River Minnesota Stream 1
Sagatagan Lake Minnesota Lake 1
Schneiders Lake Minnesota Lake 1
Shingle Creek Parkway Minnesota Trail 1
Sugar Lake Minnesota Lake 1
Horseshoe Lake Mississippi Lake 2
Mount Tabor Park Missouri Park 1
Monopoly Marsh Missouri Swamp 1
Eugene Moeckli Lake Missouri Reservoir 1
Horse Tied Creek Montana Stream 1
Humboldt Lake Nevada Lake 1
Little Alkali Lake Nevada Lake 1
Bacon Pond New York Lake 120848
Barkley Pond New York Lake 121365
Beaver Pond New York Lake 102922
Black Mountain Ponds New York Lake 106
Browns Pond New York Lake 92
Bumps Pond New York Lake 96
Carter Pond New York Lake 101
Clark Pond New York Lake 92
Clear Pond New York Lake 92
Copeland Pond New York Lake 92
Cossayuna Lake New York Lake 96
Crossett Pond New York Lake 92
Crystal Lake New York Lake 92
Dead Lake New York Lake 92
Dolph Pond New York Lake 92
Dunbar Pond New York Lake 92
East Branch Croton River New York Stream 1
Fishbrook Pond New York Lake 91
Gillespie Pond New York Lake 90
Green Pond New York Lake 90
Greenland Pond New York Lake 90
Halls Pond New York Lake 90
Hedges Lake New York Lake 90
Hills Pond New York Lake 90
Inman Pond New York Lake 90
Lapland Pond New York Lake 58
Lake Lauderdale New York Lake 24
Little Chautauqua Creek New York Stream 1
Rhinelander Reef New York Bar 1
Dead Buffalo Lake North Dakota Lake 1
Lunby Lake North Dakota Lake 1
Shroyer Lake North Dakota Lake 1
Clifton Lagoon Ohio Lake 1
Boone Slough Oregon Stream 1
Cache Lake Oregon Lake 1
Great Falls of the Lehigh Pennsylvania Falls 1
Lost Lake Texas Lake 1
McGilberry Lake Texas Lake 1
Bull Cove Virginia Bay 1
Owl Creek Virginia Stream 1
Lynnhaven River Virginia Stream 1
Little Lake Wisconsin Lake 1
Mackaysee Lake Wisconsin Lake 1
Lake Winneshiek Wisconsin Lake 1
Pleasant Valley Creek California Stream 1
Ray Soule Reservoir 182 Dam California Dam 1
George Reese Reservoir 225 Dam California Dam 1
Braidwood Power Plant Cooling Pond Illinois Reservoir 1
Wantastiquet Lake Dam Vermont Dam 2
Wantastiquet Lake Vermont Reservoir 1
Wahclella Falls Oregon Falls 1
Aligator Lake Texas Lake 1
Wahiawa State Freshwater Park Hawaii Park 1
Nymore Beach Minnesota Beach 2