About Us

The concept behind myfishmaps.com is to establish a community of users set up to support and expand the world community of sports fishing. Across the world there are more than 100 million people who enjoy fishing and this site is available to better connect and grow this community.

The goal of myfishmaps.com is to allow users to track each fish they catch enabling them to archive a lifetime of fishing experiences. The system also allows users to keep their catches private, share specific catches with groups of friends or share with the full worldwide fishing community.

The site also provides group forums to allow users to discuss a variety of fishing topics such as where to catch fish, fishing conservation, hot lures, and of course, about the big one that got away. Access to this site is entirely free and the success of this site is completely up to us – the fishing enthusiasts. We encourage you to use this site as much as possible and to share this site with those in and out of the fishing community. We wish you and your family many years of fishing memories and excitement.

Thanks for your support and good luck fishing!!