Instructions on how to use the system

The groups within the site are used to establish better communications with your fishing buddies, family and other fishing enthusiasts in your area. Any user is able to create either a private or public group. All groups are listed under the Groups Homepage or searchable under the Search for Groups option.

Private Groups
A private group will require approval by the creator of the group to join the group. Once you request to join a private group, an email will be sent to the group creator and they will approve or disapprove of your joining the group. Private groups are ideal for friends, family and people who know each other. Public Groups - Any user can join the public groups. These are great for fishing areas such as a lake or fishing region; public groups are also great for specific fishing topics such as Minnesota Fly Fishing or Marlin Fishing in California.

The MyFish menu provides users the ability to edit their profile and to view their mapmarks (catches), frequent fishing points (FFPs) and groups. You will frequently use this menu to review and manage your information.

menu option will take you to a listing of all your catches as well as a map detailing the location of these catches. The listing of catches is sortable by clicking on the various headings.

provides a breakdown of all the frequent fishing points you’ve received for adding mapmarks (catches) and invited friends registering with the system. For each catch added to the site, you get one point and if you include a photo of the catch you receive two points total. The maximum number of points received in a week from catches is five. At the end of the seven day period, you will be able to continue to receive points for adding catches. You will also receive frequent fishing points for inviting friends to groups that you have created. To invite a friend to your groups, go under MyGroups and on the group page click on invite users. You are able to invite as many friends to your group and for each friend that registers with the site you will receive one frequent fishing point. You are also able to invite friends to your group when you create the group.

provides a list of groups you created as well as groups that you have joined. In My Created Groups, you are able to edit the details about your groups. You are also able to delete users from your groups by clicking on the edit icon. My Joined Groups is a listing of all groups to which you belong. You are able to unjoin from any group from this page by clicking on unjoin.

The baitshop menu options provide you the ability to add baitshops to the site and also search baitshops. Feel free to add the baitshops in your fishing areas – this will help others find fishing supplies. The goal of the site is to be a great source of information for fishing enthusiasts around the world. Under Search Baitshops you are able to search for baitshops by any of the following fields: name, city state, country or zip.

Periodically, contests will be going on at that offer prizes for the winner. The contests will always be based on a specific fish type. You will be automatically entered into a contest if your catch fits the criteria and requirements for the contest. Note, only public spots are entered into contests. Each contest will have a start date and an end date. Each fish type that matches the contest and is entered during the contest dates will automatically be entered if it has data in all the required fields. The contest page lists in red all the fields that need to be completed for the fish to be included in the contest. Good luck!

The news/info menu option provides you with general fishing information such as links to U.S. Department of Natural Resources (DNR) websites, fish type information, fish weight calculators and RSS newsfeeds. Feel free to contact us if you would like any other fishing information added to this menu