Hemlock Slough .37 in Sauk County in Wisconsin

The Hemlock Slough .37 is located in Sauk County in the State of Wisconsin. The Hemlock Slough .37 is located at the latitude and longitude coordinates of 43.5866444 and -90.1417936 at an elevation of 271 feet. The topological map of Hemlock Slough .37 is drawn on and part of the United States Geological Service (USGS) area map of La Valle. Fishing enthusiasts interested in fishing near Hemlock Slough .37 should print out the Topo map and take it with them on their fishing trip. Always contact the local Department of Natural Resources (DNR) for more detailed information and to learn about the regulations for fishing in the area. Fishermen and Fisherwomen should also submit a comment or report on Hemlock Slough .37 to help out their fellow anglers.

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Water Name: Hemlock Slough .37
Feature Type: Reservoir
County: Sauk
Area: La Valle
State: Wisconsin
Elevation: 271
Longitude: -90.1417936
Latitude: 43.5866444